Elisa Carlucci

Based in New York, Elisa Carlucci is a designer and sculptor who has been the creative talent behind some of the countries most important luxury brands. Her collections for Quintus blend organic and geometric forms and offer a strong feminine sensibility, while maintaining a bold sense of architectural form, making her work a marriage of masculine and feminine. Her work for Quintus has been featured in Elle Decor and Interior Design, among other national publications.

The beauty of form is the central theme in my work. Every chair, every table is an opportunity to bring artistry and sculpture into a home. It’s a joy and a great honor to be able to a part of people’s lives through creating this work for Quintus.

Roger Thomas

Roger is the Executive Vice President of Design for Wynn Resorts, and is a partner in Quintus. He brings a spirit of exploration and inquiry to all things design. The most intricate details and inspiring colors, all captured in functional furnishings that celebrate traditional craftsmanship.

Extraordinary furniture for extraordinary looks. Each piece, every piece, must embody thoughtful and original design; hand crafted to the very highest standards. As a Designer, there is no greater privilege than creating for the sublime ideal with dedicated, talented Artisans.

Alex Woogmaster

Alex’s designs are founded with traditional roots and pay homage to methods of days past. Often sparked by small details, Alex explores, expands and develops these ideas by drawing concepts and experiments with size, proportion, balance and detail.

The most elusive, intuitive lessons of design reveal themselves when I allow myself to play, meditate, and receive what the hand, pen, and paper have to share.

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