Our Story

  Jobi Blachy, CEOJobi Blachy - C.E.O.

“A dream...realized.”
I am not a designer. I love the business of design. I am passionate about on-time shipments and first-time quality. I am passionate about searching for and introducing some of the most exciting design talent in the world to you. I spent years helping turn around businesses, but always wanted my own. Remember when you were working for another designer or design firm, and then took that plunge to open your own? That is essentially what Quintus is for me. It’s my dream.

In 2015 my friend and mentor, Roger Thomas, joined me as an equity partner in Quintus.  Roger is a member of the AD100, the Interior Design Hall of Fame, and the Hospitality Design Platinum Circle.  These along with many other honors, board positions and accomplishments in his legendary career.  Roger is our Editor in Chief, our creative visionary and the most importantly, my greatest supporter.

We are based in Los Angeles, California and our pieces are made in the USA. We offer complete custom capabilities and our artisans are the finest in the world at executing your customizations.

Our Vision:
Quintus aspires to be the most exciting maker of luxury home furnishings in the world; leading with extraordinary new design and industry-best customer service. We love our clients, admire our artisan vendors, and value our employees. We honor the history of the design industry, but also believe in leading the push for positive change. We are motivated by the relentless pursuit of excellence and attack each day with enthusiasm and passion.

Our Core Values:
We believe in:

  • Earning a respectable profit
  • Delighting our clients
  • Mutual Respect
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Enthusiasm and positivity
  • Breaking the rules
  • Being on-time...every day

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you and your business.

Welcome to Quintus!

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